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Craig Chin

Craig Chin

Having left Jamaica at an early age when his family migrated to Florida in the 1970s, Craig grew up increasingly immersed in North American life as the years went by. Nevertheless, each summer he would dutifully hop on a flight to Kingston and spend his entire break working alongside his father. But by the time the young apprentice graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration from the Florida State University’s College of Business, he was certain—or so he thought—that he would never return to Jamaica. He would forge his way in the States. But his wise father, who had always encouraged his children to make their own choices and explore their options, reminded his son to, “Never say never.” Securing a job with the Hyatt Hotel Corporation at their New Orleans location, Craig worked for a year before finally understanding his father’s counsel. He realized that he could spend his time working to build someone else’s dream or spend the same time working to build his own. In 1994, he packed his bags and returned home to the family business, this time on a one-way ticket. Now as a director of the Super Valu Group of Companies (2005), Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd. (2012), the Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation (2013) and the Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Foundation (2014), he can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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