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Laura Loshusan-Arce

The last child of four children, is a Director at the Loshusan Supermarkets, Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd. and Amorino Gelato in London, England. She graduated from The Florida International University in Miami, Florida with a Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2000. After graduation, she worked in the tourism industry and later transitioned into the criminology field when she interned at the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Florida.

In 2004 she moved to Jamaica to help out in the family grocery business. After getting married in 2006, Mrs. Loshusan-Arce returned to Miami where she had two children. Due to her father’s decline in health in 2010, she decided to relocate to Jamaica permanently in order to join her siblings in the family business. Three years later she was appointed as the youngest Junior Director at the Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd., Since returning, she has worn many hats and acted in different capacities to facilitate the business, such as, Director, Human Resource Manager and Manager of the New Kingston branch Business House League football team. She spearheaded the food and beverage program for the existing supermarket delis and juice bars.

To help grow and develop the Loshusan brand, Mrs. Loshusan-Arce plays an integral part in all of the business’s social media, media and marketing ventures. She also works diligently to improve the quality of life of those in need by raising awareness and financial resources for several different recognized charities across the island, including the Kidney Kids of Jamaica, The Jamaican Cancer Society and The Jamaica National Children’s Home. In 2019, she formed the Kenneth and Yvonne Loshusan Foundation in honour of her parents, in order to further focus the company’s philanthropic efforts towards improving the lives of those in the wider Jamaican community. She is a dedicated wife, mother and business woman who will continue with her efforts to further her father’s legacy and his vision for both the business and the family. Mrs. Loshusan-Arce resides in Kingston, Jamaica with her husband and two sons.

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